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Knicker Series

The inspiration for the ‘Knickers Series’ is to emphasise and celebrate the diverseness of female identity.

My intentions were to create an article of clothing that comments on women’s gynaecological anatomical structure celebrating the "inside on the outside". Using a 1940’s style pair of knickers as the main vehicle of expression and by using familiar textile techniques like knitting and embroidery a playful twist is imbued to the subject matter.

Red Rambling Roses felted skirt & Dark Rambling Roses felted skirt

A series of skirts created from developing felting techniques. Shown at the Knit & Stitch Show in Harrogate. Commissions taken.

Old Lace and Leaves felted skirt

onion skin gloves

The origin of the name "onion" comes from the classical period when it was given the Latin name unio that means oneness or unity. Onion skin hand dyed silks and net with hand and machine embroidery.

a case history

This interactive piece was specifically created for my residency at the Chapel Gallery, to reflect Ormskirk’s involvement in sheltering 1940s evacuees. Many children and their mothers from Liverpool and Manchester were billeted with Ormskirk folk as they sought safety away from the cities. The organza suitcase lets fly its contents, scattering items across the space. The public were invited to print and embroider onto the fabric clothes then add them to the installation.

'Hedera Venenum' - Poison Ivy Coat

Red Roses Housecoat

Symbolizes the complexity of womanhood. The glamour and femininity of the iconic housecoat is embellished with the symbolism of roses. Starting in bud and slowly unfurling into full bloom, the roses then drop their petals, that float down and collect in a pool of red fabric on the floor. Thus echoing the cyclical nature of a woman’s reproductive life and the passing of time.

Hand dyed taffeta and digital machine embroidery.

Wedding Dress- A Simple Overall

Inspired by the symbolism of ribbons as bonds of love tying women to children and lovers. Satin, silk and organza fabrics with hand and digital embroidery.

Off Cut Blouse

Constructed from a variety of small fabric sections, some embellished with laser cuts referencing old domestic clothing patterns. There are traces of other clothes; collars, buttonholes, and unpicked seams creating a deconstructed then reconstructed feel to the garment. The concept stems from interviews with women who lived through the 1940s war years. The Off Cut Blouse was also exhibited in London as part of The Textile Society's antique textile fair where I became the winner of the postgraduate bursary award 2010. For more details see here

Red Polka Dot Dress

Inspired from a vintage 1950's clothing pattern. Made from hand dyed organza with tiny lazer cut polka dots, and constructed with french seams to emphasis the shape of the dress.

Polka Dot Apron

This laser cut polka dot design explores colour and the moire effect created by overlaying sheer fabrics. This was created for a project in the Harris Museum in Preston Lancashire. It took inspiration from a Horrocks 1950s cotton dress in their costume gallery.


Keys are intriguing symbols of incarceration and liberty, of contrasts and paradoxes. These images are a few of the explorations using keys as an inspiration.

paper cut pattern for chatelaine skirt


Chatelaine Skirt

Hand dyed organza and net is laser-cut into a 'key' themed lace. Keys are intriguing symbols of both incarceration and liberty. What is a chatelaine?

Rebel Without A Cause Apron

The cocktail apron has been influenced by the 1950s film 'rebel without a cause'. The apron is created from deconstructed and then reconstructed vintage cotton gingham and denim.

Doggie Print Apron

Organza and digitally printed cotton apron.

Rose Apron

1950s inspired apron created from polka dot cottons and net. Embellished with embroidered leaves and thorn details, and embroidered net pocket.

Embroided Apron

Embroided Apron

Polka Dot Pockets Apron

Cotton apron explores the theme of domesticity; the many pockets of motherhood. Each pocket contains a different polka dot decorated object, e.g. baby bootie, cup and pincushion.

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